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Completed custom set of rings



14k White Gold Connecting Wrap Ring - Frog/Orca Design 

This Ring has a 1.16carat center Diamond


Matching Frog Bands - 14k White Gold, With Yellow Gold Edges - Inset Diamond Eyes - 

Can be made with any animal -


1/2' Width

9/16" Width



14k White Gold Wrap Style Ring - Bear/Frog Design - Can be made with any combination of animals, and any size center diamond - This ring has an .50carat center diamond - Price range for this style of ring varies depending on the size and quality of the center diamond -



(Raven In Flight)



I provide a unique, personalized, jewelry art service! Contact me anytime through Facebook, email, or by phone, and I will respond within 24-48hrs. I can answer any questions you have that has to do with my jewelry.

I share an ancient art form of Northwest Coast Tsimshian style jewelry- Wedding/Engagement Rings, Bracelets, Pendants, and Earrings. Deeply carved precious metals like 14k-18k Yellow and white gold, and Sterling Silver!

Take a few simple steps to match your personality with an animal on my (animal crests) section. Or it can be as easy as choosing your favorite animal! I collect all other necessary info such as:

-Animal Crest(s)

-Ring Size

-Ring Width

-Wrist size

-Bracelet Width

-Pendant/Earring Shape (ANY Shape you can think of)

-Materials- ie- 14k Or 18k Yellow/White/Rose gold, Or (.925) Sterling Silver

Your Mailing Address/Contact Info

Payment & or Down Payment accepted Via etransfer or Paypal if you're from outside Canada to my email


Please allow me 6-8 weeks of working time to complete your hand made piece of jewelry. For any orders under $1000.00 I require full payment to begin. For any orders over $1000.00 I require a 50% down payment to begin and 50% once complete. Once finished, I will notify you with several nice photos of your piece. Along with the tracking number to your package. I mail all my custom jewelry express post, which has a tracking, and insurance.

Diamonds can be incorporated into pretty much any piece you want, depending on the shape/size of the stone and the piece you want it incorporated into. All of the gems and diamonds you see in my work are sourced responsibly, and come from reputable gem suppliers. Inventory from gem companies are constanty on the move and usually restocked weekly/BiWeekly. So I can give you on the spot quotes for larger stones, but they're on the open market so the next day they could potentially be sold to another buyer. That would mean we'd have to search for another stone with similar specs in a similar price range.  With access to online inventory it allows me to search for a wide variety of diamonds and gemstones that fits your specifications and budget. Looking for stones is lots of fun and is one of my favourite parts of the job, as almost no two stones are alike. Im excited to see how the stone elevates my work. Located in downtown Vancouver called JW Diamonds., as well as These companies are where I purchase all of my diamonds & other genuine colored stones. Depending on what they currently have in stock, they supply virtually any Carat, Shape, Clarity, & Cut of Diamond & Fancy Colored Stones. International and Canadian. 

All my precious metals are sourced from a company in Vancouver called Sarbers They have been consistantly providing me with the quality sheets of metal I need to create all the pieces I make. I can also melt your old jewelry down into new jewelry. Using the current market value to determine the how much your scrap jewelry is worth by using a scale. Then putting that total value towards your new piece. Old jewelry can be sentimental and will be melted right back into your new piece.

I personally guarantee all of my work. If at all you're not satisfied with the jewelry you have purchased from me, or have any questions regarding my jewelry please contact me and I will be more then happy fix any problems, and answer any of your concerns to the best of my ability. 

Tsimshian Butterfly

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