About Me


       My Grandfather was "Hyemass" Arthur H. Helin. My great grandparents were Maude and Henry Helin-both chiefs of the Tsimshian nation. Born November 11, 1987. Born and raised in Beautiful B.C. Vancouver Island, Canada. Since I can remember I've been surrounded by indigenous culture and the tradtional Tsimshian artform thanks to my father. Growing up I was fortunate my dad took me under his wing and guilded me along with taking part of several of his wood projects. He begun teaching me how to traditionally carve and paint in the way our ancient ancestors used to do. At the age of 8 I was the youngest carver to work on the "Worlds Tallest" totem pole for the Commonwealth games in Victoria B.C. A few years later I also helped my father with the creation of his 40ft long red cedar canoe named "RavenSong" and helped paddle it to the Victoria Common wealth Games

After being exposed to wood carving and painting, I also was fortunate to have my father mentore/apprentice me in the traditional NorthWest Coast jewelery making. Of all the methods of designing and creating art in the Indigenous Tsimshian style, Jewelery for by far the most fascinating to me. I love working with precious metals and and have a passion for incorperating colored gemstones into my work. Since graduating high school I've souly focused on refining my skills in the jewelery trade. I now make rings, bracelets, pendants, and earrings and have accumulated a ton of valuable experience. Working mainly in 14k Yellow, White and Rose Gold, and of course Sterling Silver. I take ultimate care and pride in every piece I create, knowing I'm passing along the beauty of my indigenous culture to every client. My desire for the future is to keep my indigenous culture alive and strong by concistantly creating quality, hand made, high end pieces of original art for the jewelery collectors of the world.


Tsimshian Style Turtle Bracelet - 3/4" - Silver/Gold Combo




Frequently Asked Questions


Q-1: Do you have a store I can look at your jewelry in person?

A-1: No, I dont have my own personal store. I take on custom orders upon request for anything you see on my website and social media pages. I work out of a private studio at home and sell to several galleries in B.C. that you can see some of my works in person. Artinas in Victoria, and Vancouver.


Q-2: Do you stamp or cast your jewelry?

A-2: Depending on the piece, everything I make is hand engraved in flat sheets, then shaped/sized accordingly and hand finished by me. Some custom pieces are casted then hand engraved after the casting phase. 


Q-3: Do you ship your jewelry?

A-3: Yes, I can ship my jewelry anywhere in the world. Express post, or priority post. Every package I ship comes with insurance, and a tracking number.


Q-4: How long does it take for a custom order to be completed and shipped?

A-4: Depending on how busy I am, I will typically need 6-8 weeks to complete and ship a custom order. I'm a one man opperation, and every piece i create deserves my 100% creative devotion before i let it go.


Q-5: Is your jewelry plated?

A-5: No, I do NOT plate my jewelry. I only work with solid precious metal. Sterling Silver, 14k & 18k Yellow, White, and Rose Gold.


Q-6: Do you have a catalog?

A-6: I don't have an official catalogue, as its very time consuming to update prices along with the fluctuating precious metal markets. If you see something you like, copy the image and send it to me. I can then give you a quote for what it would cost to have similar style piece made with your choice of animal design, your choice of metal, and your choice of gemstones. Be sure to be somewhat prepared in advance before requesting a quote, such as ring size, or wrist measurement and budget.


Q-7: How can i care for my silver?

A-7: The Silver i work with is Sterling Silver (SS). This silver is .925% pure. The other .075% is copper. This is most common in all silver jewelry in the world. Over time the silver will tarnish. Be sure to always store you silver jewelry in a dark environment. Regular washing with warm water, soap, and a soft toothbrush to the surface. Clean and dry with a soft cloth, not paper towel. Over several years of wear, I recommend getting your silver machine polished at any local jewelry store. Some people may have skin reactions to silver jewelry which is hard to determine until worn. Sometimes a rash or inflammation develops. If this occurs you may need to rethink and investigate what type of metal is best suited to your skin.






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